August 15, 2015

Categories: Moberly Minute


Moberly is fortunate to have the museum located at the Randolph County Historical Society (corner of Coates and Clark) and the Railroad Museum located at Depot Park.  These would not be possible without the devoted volunteers who staff both of these locations.  We are sure there are many citizens who also have their own private pieces of Moberly memorabilia and what better time to share them with others than during the Sesquicentennial, which will be in 2016.  

There are many opportunities to share these pieces, either physically or virtually.  We understand that many pieces are just too sentimentally valuable to loan them.  However, if you are willing to do so, the museum loves to set up temporary displays.  The Sesquicentennial Headquarters, which will be open from June thru October 2016, will also be hosting displays for public viewing.  At this point, the location for the headquarters has not been finalized, but it will be located in the downtown area.  It will also serve as a gift shop for souvenir items, as well as other functions.  Watch for more info on that later.   A third option for sharing your Moberly collectibles is by providing the Heritage/History committee with a photograph and explanation of your item.  These will be shared on our website and facebook page.  We can tag the story with the owner’s name or you may share it anonymously.  It is the hope of our committee to have dozens or even hundreds of items displayed in this manner.  

Please personally contact one of the members of the Heritage/History committee:  Susan Hall, chairperson; J W Ballinger, Craig Asbury, Tony Rivera, Judy Orton, Tona Court, or Willa Jean Richards.  Or, call Susan Hall at 660-414-5604.

Author: lnjdf