September 25, 2015

Categories: Moberly Minute


Many are asking about special events to be held during the Sesquicentennial year.  Planning for many events is underway, but specific dates and locations have not been nailed down yet.  However, let’s just talk in general terms.  Each month will have a special theme.  Last week’s “minute” talked about the kickoff and the Greyhound reunion in January.  February will be Education Month, including the second annual Omar Bradley Day at MHS.

Industry and Manufacturing Month will be during March and April will be Civic and Community Service Month.  May is Military Recognition Month, with the WWII Re-enactors returning to town plus Historic Preservation Week.  June is Railroad Days, with some extra attractions included.  July will have another wonderful Independence Day celebration, the fair and the rodeo.  August is Merchants’ Month along with Wine Stroll, and a Cemetery Walk and dedication.  Then September is the Grand Finale, with MHS Homecoming Parade and Sesquicentennial Parade.  There will be the Rusty Razor beard contest and a community brunch.  The Sesquicentennial Royalty will be selected.  This list is a work in progress, but since so many are curious, we thought we would give you some hints as to what to expect.  Please stay tuned!

Author: lnjdf