Moberly Tourism Advisory Commission

The Moberly Tourism Advisory Commission is a board under the City of Moberly that oversees the tourism funds collected from 4% hotel tax and two grant programs through the City. These funding categories are:
1. Targeted Marketing
3. Capital Improvements & Aesthetic Improvements
This board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9am at City Hall (101 W Reed St Moberly, MO 65270)
Meetings are open to Missouri Public Meeting laws and open to the public.
Current Board Members area: Ryan Blackwell, Janie Riley, Gina Fowler, Jonique Barnett and Candace Rodman.
Targeted Marketing fund will be used for the promotion and marketing of specific programs for tourism & tourism related activities.
This grant has a maximum of a $1,000 award matching grant. A 50% match of fun must be made.
Eligible examples of use are:
social media advertising
printed advertising
newspaper advertising
radio advertising
electronic media
television advertising
Capital Improvements & Aesthetic Improvements fund will be used for the capital improvements/city facilities that encourage & enhance tourism.
This grant has a maximum of $1,000 award that is recommended funded at 50%, but may be funded at 100%.
Past examples of use are:
public art
facility improvements/expansions photography/videography
creation of a new tourism facility or business

All applicants must meet with Tourism Specialist, Michelle Westhues before applying and that they must meet six months prior to their event for proper planning & assistance. Contact Michelle at tourism@moberlychamber.com or 660-263-6070 to set up an appointment.