The Clark Missouri Amish Community is located in Clark, Missouri, just 15 South of Moberly on Highway 63. This community is spread out throughout the country roads of Clark from numerous family members. 

Head out to Clark to purchase homemade baked goods, furniture, fresh produce, plants, quilts and more. View a map & produce auction details below.

Clark Produce Auction

Their auctions are every Tuesday & Friday and start at 9:30am from April to October. The craft auctions are May 7th at September 17th. Depending on the amount of items to be sold selling times is 1-3 hours. 

Their address for the auctions are 2048 Highway Y Clark, MO 65243. It is recommend that new buyers have cash or bank letter of credit. 

Some of the past items sold have been flower baskets, veggie flats, roses, tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, pickles, onions, green beans, bell peppers, sweet corn, mini pumpkins, gourds, mums and more. 

Please note that dates and times are subject to change. Click on the button below for the latest up to date information. 
  1. Amish do not have phones or social media. You are unable to call businesses there. The social media page found below is an unofficial page.
  2. Amish do not take credit cards and there will be no on ATM on site. Please take cash when you are visiting.
  3. Many of the roads are gravel. Drive slow and move over for horses, buggies and people you may see on the road.
  4. Amish have no electricity or air conditioning.
  5. Many of the shops are in a person’s home with a sign out front. View examples below
  6. Amish do not follow Daylight Savings Time and are closed on Sundays and during Christian Holidays.
  7. The map below is the most accurate up to date information that we have at this time. Please note that some stores may be closed or other ones not listed on the map may be open, depending on the families that live there.