Fall in Rothwell Park

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Midwest. As the leaves change, fall is gorgeous in Missouri and Moberly is no exception. 
One of Moberly’s greatest gems to view the fall leaves is Rothwell Park. Rothwell is one of the largest city-owned parks in Missouri and is home to 465 acres.
It has a variety of amenities including the War Memorial featuring the Omar Bradley Statue at the helm, two lakes, West 43 Wilderness Area, two-disc golf courses, dog park, numerous playgrounds, shelters, Howard Hils Athletic Complex, Thompson Campground, archery range and more.
Fishing, kayaks and small boats are allowed on the lakes.
One question asked each year is when will the leaves turn? This answer is always different depending on the amount of rain received each year, but Moberly typically has the best colors in mid-October to late-October. 
We recommend visiting Rothwell Park in Moberly, Missouri. It is truly a gem that you cannot miss. 

Click here to view a map of Rothwell Park or to plan your trip. 

*Please note that the Moberly Mini Train’s last ride of the year is on October 29